Can Someone Legally Rent Out My Book? Yes!

Just when I thought nothing would surprise me, I find that my book is available for rent on the Web. I use Google Alerts to search the Internet for anything relating to my book and this just popped up today. is offering it for rent. I’ll have to admit that it’s an interesting sales method.

Is it legal for a company to offer a book for rent instead of for sale? It seems to me that recycling my book cheats meout of any profit after the first book is printed. Please let me know your thoughts on this matter and what steps I should take.

First, chances are this outfit does not even own your book yet. If someone “rents” your book from them, only then will they buy a copy from Ingram. This is nothing new on the Internet.

Second, yes, anybody can rent your book if they have bought it, just like any bookstore can sell used copies. There is no restriction on books with regards to secondhand sales/rentals.