Can I Post My Sold Articles on My Website?

Hi Angela:

You’ve been kind enough to answer several questions for me in the past, and I thank you. Have another one:

I’ve had lots of stuff published in the consumer zines and in professional journals. I’d like to take some of these and put them on my MySpace thingie, hoping perhaps it’ll generate more business.

My concern is that the articles and manuscripts essentially now belong to others and I was wondering if, even though I was the author and they would be going onto a social networking site, if plagiarism issues can result. If so, what if I added to each article or manuscript “This article/manuscript appeared in such-and-such magazine (or journal) on (whatever date)”? Would that cover me? Or, should I just drop the whole idea altogether?

Have a great day, and thank you for your advice.


You either need to check your original contract for each piece or contact each editor and request their permission.

Just like someone can’t publish your book online and just add your name to it, you can’t add a disclaimer and publish something you no longer own the rights to.