Book Awards: Worth the Cost?

Book Awards: Worth the Cost?

Q –

Hi Angela,

I’m wondering what you might know about poetry awards and prizes, such as the Pulitzer Prize (I know, it’s like winning the lottery), the National Book Award (which can only be submitted for consideration by the publisher on behalf of the author), and others ones. 

Oh, how I would love to bring recognition to my book.

I know you offer so much generous advice about how authors can promote their books, but I’m fixated on what I believe my book deserves – awarded recognition.

Really, any advice, assistance, opportunity you can offer would be wholeheartedly appreciated.


A – 

I don’t keep a list of book awards organizations because I don’t recommend authors participate in those. They earn a LOT of money for the organizations, but usually cost a LOT of money for authors.

Even if you win an award (the best ones are, indeed, harder to win than the lottery), you aren’t likely to get much exposure. I mean, seriously, how many people read press releases put out by book awards companies? Not many.

Probably the biggest benefit is when an author wins an award, and can put the award emblem on their book cover. But, that takes paying to participate, and then possibly (but not likely) winning.

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