Becoming a Correspondent / Book Proposal Help

~Becoming a “Correspondent”~

Dear Angela:

I am not certain as to where I can post this, but I need some advice in fleshing out an idea.

I’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter for quite some time. I was in California writing primarily for local/regional pubs, but we are now in Las Vegas, NV. I’m trying to get some work with local pubs, but the going is slow. I also have a 17 month old at home, so finding time to make contacts, put together clips, etc., is rather difficult.

Anyhow, I hit upon the idea of trying to become a correspondent, of sorts, for family/parenting magazines throughout the country, concentrating on family/child-oriented travel articles that would focus on Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Sure, there’s lots to do on the strip, but roller coasters and arcade games, (even white tigers, while we still have ’em) get to be old. There’s such a great world beyond the strip. No one would have believed this, but about 45 minutes from here there’s an actual ski resort (Mt. Charleston) and old “Western Town” (Bonnie Springs) and a great nature site, Red Rock Canyon, run by the Bureau of Land Management; not to mention Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, etc. Plus, our Parks and Rec department has some awesome activities.

Anyone have any thoughts as to how I can market myself? I guess I could start by writing query letters…

You should create a title for yourself (Las Vegas Family Entertainment Writer or Stringer) …something along those lines. I think your idea is an excellent one and will really set you apart from the competition. You can create your own letterhead in your word processing program and use that when you sent out queries to mags. Let me know how it goes!

~Book Proposal Help~

I would very much appreciate it if you could provide some assistance in the area of Book Proposals.

I’ve completed a Biography/Memoir and need to know is where (online, bookstore, library) I can find market statistics on the book sales of similar books and/or competitors?

Thank you in advance for assistance in this matter, it is greatly appreciated.

If you use’s advanced search capabilities ( See: ) you can search for books and sort them based on sales rank.

Click on “sort results by” at the bottom of that form.