AUTHORS: When Signing Books, Creativity is the Key!

AUTHORS: When Signing Books, Creativity is the Key!

Q –

You recently wrote that you didn’t recommend book signings. So, what’s can I do if I want to get out into the public eye?


A –

I never said book signings were not recommended. I don’t recommend bookSTORE signings because those typically don’t sell many (if any) copies.

Many authors hold signings at special events, other retail outlets, craft fairs, clubs, seminars, their own signing parties – the list goes on and on. One author I know, W.W. Brock, consistently sells out of his copies at gun shows. He writes novels about hunting. Creativity is the key! You can read an article by him at the first “related” link below.

Also, consider offering to speak to specific organizations. They can either charge people to attend (and, in that fee should be the price of a copy of your book for each individual) or you can set up a table for selling and signing books when your talk has ended. That’s actually an EXCELLENT way to get people to buy your book. Again, get creative. Nursing homes, local businesses, volunteer organizations, local civic organizations, churches – the sky’s the limit!! 🙂

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