Another Content Mill Victim Whining…When He’s Part of the Problem!

Here is my dilemma. I have worked for (a content mill) since July of last year. Sure, they pay steady, every week, but since seeing (a complaint posted about them online), I am not so sure about job security. This company pays just $5 for a 550-word article, and so I have to do 10-15 articles a day, just to make enough money to support my family. Sure I get a lot of repeat clients, and have a pretty stable article base, but there are so many days that I am working so long, I don’t have time to spend with my family.

You are working for a content mill, also known as a writer’s sweatshop. You are likely earning far less than minimum wage. You’d probably make more money working at a fast food joint. Also, working for a firm like this enables them to stay in business, and to victimize other writers as well. You, my friend, are part of the problem.

I would recommend you find a job that pays you respectable wages and that doesn’t degrade the industry you love (writing).

We often hear from writers who are so upset with the companies they’re writing for because they’re obviously working for a bottom-feeder, while earning poverty wages. I’m not trying to be snotty but when you agreed to write articles for $5, you should have known you were crawling in bed with a snake. Nice people don’t offer contractors insulting wages like that. This reminds me of writers who complain about term paper mills. They write for a company that makes a business out of helping students cheat…yet they then complain when that company doesn’t pay its bills. Or, maybe someone is working for the mob but then complains when they shoot his dog. You must have had a gut feeling when you signed up to work for such low pay.

At, we post real jobs and paying markets for free every Wednesday. Remember, nobody is forcing you to work for less than minimum wage. You put yourself in that position.