“Angela, is this another scam targeting authors?”

“Angela, is this another scam targeting authors?”

Q –

Angela, I wanted you to let me know what you think about the email below that I recently received.


Dear (name removed),

My name is (name removed). Congratulations on getting a recommendation on your book from our Book Scouts.

Book Title: (removed)

We have made a preliminary endorsement of your book to our partners in different industries. Bookstores, Traditional Publishers, and Movie Producers, and a handful of them showed high interest in your book. Our main objective is to bridge the gap and build a possible partnership with decision-makers in these industries.

Also, we want to share some exciting news with you. One of our talented authors has recently received a promising offer from a film production company for the adaptation of their book and one author to be acquired by local bookstores in the USA based on the (name removed)…..

A –

Blah blah blah. It goes on to list a film deal, a bookstore placement, etc., etc. – All difficult to verify but it’s the same garbage I’ve seen from so many companies before.

The person sending the email included this:

Much Respect,

Best regards,

Clearly it’s a copy and paste spam.

Other red flags:

The email had a U.S. address but Writer Beware states they are in the Philippines.

They are emailing and calling authors all over. There are many reports of them doing this online. If they MUST resort to spam and telemarketing, they are NOT a real literary agency.

There are no prices on their website. That’s always a HUGE red flag.

Their website claims they want to get you a traditional contract…yet they sell book publishing services.

There are many more red flags as well and we have exposed this firm’s actions in WritersWeekly previously.

And, simply Googling the name of the firm brings up numerous complaints.

REMEMBER, IF ANY “LITERARY AGENT” CONTACTS YOU VIA EMAIL OR BY PHONE, IT’S A SCAM! Real literary agents are too busy going through their slush piles than to go hunting for victims online.

The reason I’m not revealing the name of this particular company is because authors need to be aware of EVERY company that contacts them in this manner.




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