Angela Angers a So-Called “Publisher”

We pay (an insulting rate) for non-fiction articles up to 1,000 words. Can we be featured in WritersWeekly?

No. Your pay rates are far too low. If you can’t afford to pay decent rates to writers, you shouldn’t be in business.


While some inevitably slip through the cracks, at we work very hard to filter out jobs with insultingly low pay.

Below is an exchange we recently had with a low-paying “publisher.” After we rejected her listing by telling her we would never insult our readers by featuring a job with such low pay on, this was her response:

I found your response to be extremely unprofessional and hopelessly rude. Your readers who would be ‘insulted’ hopefully don’t know this side of you and how you treat your inquiries. I’d re-think your business tactics or your poor reputation will put you in the poorhouse.

We will happily take our business elsewhere. And thanks for wasting our time.

And, this was my response:

You weren’t buying anything from us so you weren’t bringing us any “business” at all. You were only offering to insult our readers by paying such a measly amount for up to 1000 words. If you can’t afford to pay decent fees, you shouldn’t be in business. You should not ask writers to support your hobby publication when they are trying to feed their families.

Our readers thank us for shielding them from these types of insulting offers. If I did post your info., you’d receive hate mail from our readers so you should thank me, too.

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