Amazon’s Perpetual Book Listing Errors!


Today, I looked at my book on and saw it listed for sale for $2.76. That’s a WOW! and almost surely a mistake on their part. Can you get them to fix it?


When Amazon has errors like this, and when we complain, they send us form emails that basically say they can discount books in any way they choose. Even after I tell them it’s an error, and that they’re losing money on every sale, they still won’t fix it.

The good news is, with, your royalties for print books are based on the list price that you chose when your book was published; not based on any net income after-the-fact. So, while Amazon may be losing money when they sell a copy, your earnings on print books are the same.

Some authors get upset about Amazon’s errors because they’re selling fewer copies themselves when Amazon’s incorrect price is so low. One author figured out a way to make Amazon fix their error. He ordered several copies from them at that rock-bottom price and only then did Amazon’s light bulb seem to flicker on. It looked like that’s what made them finally realize, “Oh, duh, we’re losing money on this one, nerp dee shnerp. Better fix that price!” They fixed the price on that book and that method worked for another author, too.

I would never advise spending money without a good cause, of course. If the low price does not affect your own marketing efforts and direct sales, you might want to just let it be. There’s little anyone can do to get Amazon to fix what seems to be their perpetual website errors. Believe me. We’ve tried. It’s like beating your head against a virtual brick wall.

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