Amazon CANCELLED an Order for my Print on Demand Book! How Can They Do This?!

Amazon CANCELLED an Order for my Print on Demand Book! How Can They Do This?!

Q –

I ordered a copy of my own print on demand book from Amazon. I was then shocked to receive an email from Amazon saying they couldn’t obtain my book. And, they cancelled my order! It’s print on demand for crying out loud! Amazon sells other books by my publisher and Ingram ships those books to Amazon! What can I do?!

A –

Amazon was doing this same thing about a year ago. I’m not sure exactly what happened with their system but it did get fixed back then. There is, apparently, another problem now because we are receiving reports of this happening once again. You need to immediately contact your publisher, and telling them to tell Ingram to “open a ticket with Amazon.” They will contact Ingram, which will contact Amazon. For better service, have a copy of the email that Amazon sent to you or your customer AND have the Amazon order number.

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One Response to "Amazon CANCELLED an Order for my Print on Demand Book! How Can They Do This?!"

  1. wmba dams  December 6, 2019 at 11:12 pm

    Amazon is a monopoly that owns too much of the government. They can do anything they want to do. Your question should be WHY not how did they do it.