Am I About to Get Ripped Off? Yes!!

Hi Angela!

I am just getting started with my freelancing career. I have a blog and a Twitter account, but am struggling to build an audience. I was recently offered a chance to blog for a fun, quirky e-commerce website that sells (clothing) with crazy designs. It looks like a perfect fit for the fun, quirky writing I want to do.

The problem is that I would not get paid, and the owners would retain the rights to anything I write for their website. In exchange, I would be blogging under my name. I’d get my own author’s page and the ability to build a relationship with my readers (through comments and possibly emails in the future).

I can see giving up ownership to my work if I was getting paid, but giving up both ownership and pay? Is that wise?

Avoid this outfit at all costs. They are trying to take advantage of you. It’s deeply insulting to see someone offering no pay for all rights! They’re skunks!

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