Agent Finding

Dear Ms. Hoy,

I have been receiving your newsletter for a short time.I am getting a little confused about the process of getting a book published. I have two very silly children’s books that have been read to two second grade classes and they seemed to really enjoy them. I want them out there. If not for any other reason than to make my dream a reality.

May I please bother you for your time and expertise where publishing two little books are concerned? I want to be a genuine author and I know that I will succeed, once pointed in the right direction.

Thank you and enjoy your day,


If you want a traditional publisher, you will need to first obtain an agent. You can find a list of non-fee-charging agents here:

Whatever you do, do *not* pay any agent any up-front fees! Any agent that requests them should be avoided.

Each agent has their own submission requirements so you’ll need to follow this requirements when submitting.

There are some small publishers that do accept submissions directly from authors. Those, too, have their own submission requirements and most publish their submission requirements (author guidelines) on their websites. However, there are far too may publishing houses for us to recommend one for specific books.

Good luck!!