Advantage In Self-Publishing


I am a produced screenwriter (Lost Junction) and have just recently completed a novel (fiction) that I was thinking of self-publishing (after going through the headache of getting a screenplay made into a movie for five years, not sure I want to start over with the tradional publishing venue!)

My question is – does this give me any kind of advantage in self-publishing?

I would be very good at book-signings, etc. but I’m not sure how well I’d do on the Internet marketing side of it. (i.e. building websites, etc.)…not to sound like a prima donna or anything.

Thanks so much for your time,


For an unknown author, your chances of landing a traditional publishing contract may be greater if you self-publish and can prove there’s a market for your book through sales of the self-published version. Publishers are very happy to have that risk factor figured out ahead of time!

While we do recommend authors have a small website, the key to online sales success is building your own mailing list (ezine subscribers) and connecting with your “fans” on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). That reminds them about you and your book(s) while also giving them quality editorial or entertainment from you.

It’s important to have a website because you’ll want to point all potential customers to that website. From your website, you can then provide links to the store where your book currently resides. If you simply point potential readers to your publisher’s website, all that advertising will be wasted if you later move to another publisher.