Mason’s “Looth Tooth”

Mason’s top two front teeth and two other bottom teeth have been loose for weeks. Despite our urging, he’s been avoiding wiggling the front teeth because he “needs” them for his favorite veggie, corn on the cob.
On our way home from dinner the other night, Mason suddenly yelled, “My tooth came out!”

Are Book Signings Big Book Sellers? Not Usually… So, Try Other Venues!

Are Book Signings Big Book Sellers? Not Usually… So, Try Other Venues!

The venues listed for the book signings are the wrong places to do book signings. There would never be enough people to make it worthwhile.
For the places in which to do it right, you usually you need a few months of preparation time and money to book a table at a place that has high traffic, which includes people that would normally buy your book. Basically, going where thousands of people will be with $100s of dollars to spend.
People who read the material I write would generally be found at game expos and fan expos. At those places, you can also charge for the signature. Dressing up might help as well.
George Arnold Hall
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For Writers – The Art of Closing the Deal By Mridu Khullar Relph

One of the first things freelancers, self-employed professionals, and entrepreneurs have to learn very, very quickly is the art of closing the deal. The problem is, despite having worked in the business for years, many freelance writers still don’t realize that they’re responsible for being proactive about this and that this business term – closing the deal – doesn’t just apply to other businesses, but to everything they do.

Stick to Paying Markets By Mary Laufer

Stick to Paying Markets By Mary Laufer

When I started writing, I read somewhere that if you wanted to be a successful writer you had to stick to one genre and develop your craft. But, I loved to write everything: poems, essays and short stories. I searched the classifieds in Poets and Writers Magazine, and found places to send my work. My poems were published first – in literary magazines that didn’t pay a dime. Poetry anthologies were next; no money came with those publications, either. At least now I had credits to list in cover letters when I submitted essays and short stories…

Whispers And Warnings For September 25th

Links to the stories below can be found here:
Eminem copyright infringement case has court date
“Eight Mile Style accused Facebook of using Eminem song ‘Under the Influence’ during April advertising campaign.”
Tattoo Artist Looks to Show Value of Copyright Claim Against Videogame Publisher
Christopher Escobedo demanded $4.16 million for unauthorized use of his “Lion Tattoo” in “UFC Undisputed.”
McBride publisher in TV tussle
The publisher of Damian McBride’s memoirs is facing questions from police after tussling with a protester as the former spin doctor gave a live television interview.
Google Books Case Appears Ready to Be Decided
It took Judge Denny Chin less than 40 minutes yesterday to hear oral arguments on the cross motions for summary judgment in the Authors Guild’s long-running lawsuit against Google over its library book scanning project.
Photo plagiarist said financial woes made him steal pic
The 22-year-old amateur photographer who has come under fire for submitting somebody else’s work as his own to a photo contest said he was forced to commit plagiarism because of financial troubles.
Plagiarizing poet withdraws from contest. Wait, poets plagiarize?
The poet C.J. Allen has withdrawn his poem, “Explaining the Plot of Blade Runner to My Mother Who Has Alzheimers,” from the shortlist of Britain’s Forward Poetry prize after admitting to plagiarizing some early poems.
Links to the stories above can be found here:

When You Drive Your Car into High Water…

Ali and I were out running errands with Max and Mason last weekend and, when we emerged from the craft store, the sunny, blue Florida sky had turned black. We had one more stop to make (the grocery store) and I was determined to get home before the sky opened up. We didn’t make it. Not even close…

Are Book Signings Big Book Sellers? Not Usually…

Based on a survey we did several years ago, most authors who had done a book signing were disappointed with the results. Most reported selling fewer than five copies of each title, and also reported they spent far more time and money preparing for the signing than they earned in profits from book sales.
We wanted to see how things have changed so we sent out a call for information last week. Here are four of the responses…

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