We’re On Vacation! Yea!

Richard’s dad and step-mommy are in town so we’re on vacation this week. Our Boxing Day party was yesterday and we’re going skiing and snow-tubing on Thursday. Whoo hoo!
Happy New Year, everybody!
This week’s Maxism:
Mason (age 6 months) has started speaking! Last week, he said, “Na Na Na Na Na.”
Max came in the room and, when he heard Mason, looked quite surprised. He sat down next to him and responded, “What? What? What? What? What?”
P.S. Write your autobiography in 2007!
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Touching Other People’s Babies…

On numerous occasions, I’ve told the girl next door to NOT bring her son over when he’s sick…at least not while Mason is so small. She did just that last week, assuring me he was no longer contagious. Yeah, right…

Possible Scam Targeting Authors

Hi Angela,
I received a similar scam email targeted at my fine arts business.
It took about three rounds of emails to discover that the person writing me ordering 5 paintings for her parents’ anniversary was trying to pull a scam. It also had the “my shipper will pick up” line. They said they were in England but they definitely had details about my art and my website that sounded credible…for the first few emails.
What they are doing is a more personalized version of the “Nigerian Banker Email Scam”. They expected to give me a check that included their purchase from me plus an amount that they needed to pay their shipper. They then suggested I deposit their check and pay out their shipper with the excess cash they would pay me. Obviously, had I been naive enough to do this, their check would have bounced and they would have succeeded in scamming “the shipping costs” from me.
It’s the penny ante game from the streets of NYC taken to cyberspace. And while I agree one should never give out home information to a stranger, this scam is about money. I was tempted to arrange the drop- off and pick-up and have a police officer waiting at my door! Alas, when I suggested that they pay via credit card instead, the “client” who wanted to buy five small paintings from me disappeared and never contacted me again by email.
Best wishes for a happy new year!

Cyberstalking: One Of The Dangers Of Posting Online By George English

Most States have laws against cyberstalking, but reports of online harassment are increasing, according to WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse), an organization with a mandate to educate the Internet community about online harassment, empower victims of harassment, and formulate voluntary policies that systems administrators can adopt in order to create harassment-free environments.

Website Posted My Article Without Permission Or Payment

I googled myself the other day and discovered that a website posted my article on their website without my knowledge or consent. I contacted the (print) magazine I had written the article for and they have no knowledge of the website and are not affiliated with them.
Should I send the website an email or a certified snail mail asking them for payment? And in what amount?

A Successful Press Release By Joe Parzych

Angela Hoy stated in her recent article in Writers Weekly, Press Releases Are Boring – News Is Not. At Writers Weekly, like just about every journalist and periodical editor, Angela receives countless press releases by email, fax and mail. Though WritersWeekly doesn’t publish press releases, they are inundated with them on a daily basis. it is very rare that I receive a new book press release that keeps me interested past the first sentence, Hoy wrote.

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