Breaking into Writing White Papers & Speechwriting By John K. Borchardt

Breaking into Writing White Papers & Speechwriting By John K. Borchardt

peechwriting and writing white papers are lucrative writing niches many freelancers overlook. In both cases, clients include businesses, government and non-profit institutions. White papers are detailed analyses of business, technology and other subjects. These are used for marketing, information sharing to demonstrate thought leadership and as the basis of decision making. While the type of writing and the writing process for white papers and speeches are much different, business considerations for these two fields have much in common.

A Blog Hosted By Google Stole My Copyrighted Material!

I recently found an article of mine on a blog located at The title was changed but the rest was verbatim, with no credit to me, the copyright holder, or the magazine it appeared in, and certainly no permission from me. (There were other articles from this same magazine on the site.)
This “” seems to be powered or hosted by something called “Blogger,” but I can’t find a link anywhere on their site to complain about copyright infringement. On top of that, it appears the blogger makes money from advertising clicks. Have any suggestions how to stop this?

Becoming Willing to Succeed By Christie McKaskle

My first book was very close to being finished in July 2004. Its proposal had even sparked some superficial interest from a handful of publishers; but it was at a standstill.

My Cancer Scare

I’m a high anxiety type of person and nothing makes me more anxious than something that is beyond my control – namely health issues.
Two weeks ago, I was literally freaking out. I can’t think of a more accurate term. I was too upset to write about it then, but I can write about it now.

Avoiding Costly Fulfillment Headaches By Angela Hoy

This article may be printed/redistributed freely as long as the entire article and bio are included.
While some authors are very happy to let their publisher or an online bookstore do all their fulfillment, there are some entrepreneurs (like me) who insist on doing everything themselves. If you plan to do your own book fulfillment, there are some problems you will likely experience at one time or another from customers who are either malicious…or just downright not so bright….

Ask For More Money!

Dear Angela,
After writing four features in a row for an international women’s glossy, and about to get started on my fifth, I got up the nerve to ask for more money using quotes I plucked from Melanie Bowden’s article, Always, Always, Always Ask for More Money, which appeared on on November 17, 2004. And guess what? They said yes. Just like that.
Thanks, again, for all the advice and support and courage your website offers us freelancers.

Writing-Related Gifts From the Heart By Julie Engelhardt

Buying presents is always a challenge for me, especially when it comes to finding the right birthday present. There’s the tried and true-flowers, gift certificates, perfume-but I had a particularly difficult time finding the right gift for my Mom’s birthday this year. She turned 75, and I wanted to do something different for her. When I asked her what she’d like to have, she responded, “Don’t worry about my birthday. I have everything I need.” That is true, and she is able, thankfully, to still provide for herself. Yet, I still felt that it was important to give her something special. Since my husband, boys and I live some distance away from where she is, and the kids are in school when her birthday rolls around, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to her home for the day. What could I do for her?
Then the idea hit me. Earlier in the year my Mother made a beautiful bridal shower gift for my oldest niece, her oldest granddaughter. She collected family recipes and put together a book that contained the recipes as well as photos of her and her granddaughter in the kitchen, plus stories that related to each recipe.

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