Reeling From Our Psychic Moment

Last week, we decided to cut down on the family’s carb consumption, and man-oh-man you should hear the whining at dinnertime! “Salmon again?!” “Where’s the bread? Has anyone seen the bread?” “What is soy flour?” And, my personal favorite, “Unsweetened chocolate? This stuff tastes AWFUL!” (And you should have seen Ali’s face when she took a big bite of it!)

Nasty Skunks

Thank you for! You do an awesome job, and I really appreciate each issue. You’ve written about some skunks who have been nasty to you, but I’ll bet they are far outnumbered by people like me who think your ezine is wonderful.
Best wishes,
Barbara Frank

Hook ‘Em By Darlene Ryan

In reality, most writers build an audience by word of mouth. One way to spread the word about your book is through local and regional radio, even if you write fiction. All it takes is the right hook.

He’s Threatening to Sue Me, But I Told The Truth!

I posted a complaint about a publisher on a website and it was all true. But, the publisher is now threatening to sue me for libel. I’m not willing to remove the story and offer a “public apology” as he demands. I was all true, but I’m still afraid. I can’t afford a lawyer. What should I do?

Another POD Book Lands Traditional Contract! By Paul Clayton

Over the next three years, I tried; no luck. Books about Vietnam wouldn’t sell, they said. Out of frustration, I sold the erights to an ebook startup. In 2001, they entered it in the Frankfurt eBook Awards. Carl Melcher was named a finalist, along with the work of Joyce Carol Oates and David McCullough. I had made it, right? Selling the book would be a slam-dunk now! Wrong.

Whispers and Warnings for February 25th

Gannett Contract (Iowa Parent/ 50+ Lifestyles) – Writer doesn’t like their contract, so cancels her subscription! Yeah!
Stonesong – Complaint about their contract
Mysterious Press – Guidelines say they won’t show you their contract until after you enter their contest? Ridiculous! And editor is rude in response to writer.
SNReview – Writer seeking feedback
Janet Kay & Associates / / JanGeo Ink – another complaint

Dreams of a Fictitious Childhood

Last night I dreamed I was at Richard’s mother’s house watching old videotapes from when I was a little girl. The videotape I was watching was of when I was a little girl at summer camp. In the video, I was on a boat, going down a river, videotaping the boys’ side of the camp (ah, ask my mother about the stress I caused her in those years!). In one scene in the video, I zoomed in on one boy who was sleeping peacefully in his bunk. And, that little boy was Richard! I was shocked and jumped up (in my dream), yelling for Richard to come into his mom’s living room so I could show him that we had actually attended summer camp at the same time when we were quite young.

Query Letters That Worked!

Dear Angie,
Many, many thanks for publishing Query Letters That Worked!
I couldn’t wait to receive my copy. Already, I have picked up on priceless nuggets of advice. Your section, “Angela Hoy’s secret for finding ongoing freelance work from companies that have a stable of freelancers, yet never run ads for them!” was worth the price of the whole book…and then some!
Joan M. Jackson, Principal
JMJ Information Services – “Business Research Targeting Emerging Ethnic Markets”

A Dozen Unique Ways To Make More Money Writing By Patricia L. Fry

Are you a working writer? Do you have strong time-management and marketing skills? Can you find enough work to support your writing habit? Would you like to make even more money writing? Of course you would. And you can! All you need is an awareness of the vast opportunities out there for writers and the willingness to stretch and grow…

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