Filling the Gap By Marion Stroud

I have to confess that when I come across a situation that I don’t know how to handle, my first instinct is to run to the bookshop or the library to find a book on the subject. My husband jokingly claims that I don’t take a ‘pill for every ill’ but read a ‘book for every situation’. And if there isn’t one…well there is a market staring you straight in the face.

Selling Short Non-Fiction Articles By Claudia Carver

I like to find good homes for things. Every couple of years, I organize a garage sale. I sell things I no longer need or want for a dollar or two, or even for loose change. Of course, I also go to garage sales from time to time, often bringing home a treasure that someone else didn¹t want or need.

Knowing When to Break or Bend the Rules By Carol R. Cool

Attending my first Christian writers’ conference five years ago, I heard all sorts of rules: Always send an SASE. Write what you know. Study several issues of a magazine before querying. Query the little publications first. Write for free to get clips. Nurture your contacts. Anyone willing to work hard can be a writer.

How to Deal With Online Media Pirates By Alicia Karen Elkins

This article is available for free distribution/reprint as a public service from the author. Read below for details. If you publish much work, chances are good that your work has appeared online without your permission. Recouping your losses is an aggravating and lengthy procedure, but it can be executed successfully. Here is the procedure for […]

Browse, Uncover and Write By Sue Sundwall

I am a part time small business owner and a part time freelance writer. If I had to choose between the two, I’d choose the later, but that’s not quite an option. Yet. I’ve been seriously putting my ink scratches to paper for almost a year now and have been amazed at my own success. My aim was supplementary income, but being paid to write can be addictive and enormously satisfying.

Hard Lessons By Susan Eileen Walker

I never thought I was a stupid person, or even particularly naive, until I started learning the hard way that trusting the wrong people in the publishing business can be heartbreaking as well as expensive. I hope someone will learn from my humiliation. My first lesson came when a literary agent called and gushed about […]