Going Back To School By Sandy Siegel

In the ’90s, as my television career faded into the sunset, I started to think about switching writing gears. With no degree, experience or connections in other fields, I decided to go back to school, not to get a degree, but to use my college alumni association.

Move Over, Grisham — The Upstart Gruen Has Arrived By Judy Gruen

Now that my new book, Till We Eat Again: Confessions of a Diet Dropout, is alive and in the marketplace, competing with 13 billion other new book titles, my thoughts have naturally turned to how I can catapult myself from total literary obscurity to only partial literary obscurity. On mornings when I have drunk entirely […]

Five Queries Per Week = Success By Lori Soard

It was in 1997, that I realized my love of writing could be turned into a career. I began to read everything I could get my hands on about writing for a living and it wasn’t long before I ran across WritersWeekly.com Over the years, I’ve learned everything from How to Locate More Markets to Writing and Marketing Personal Essays. The variety and wealth of information definitely gave me a push in the right direction.

Selling Your Books on eBay By Rick Snider

Imagine readers paying more than retail price for your book, even bidding against others. It happened to me. Ebay was supposed to be just another small sales outlet in the myriad of marketing my latest release Cole Classics. Instead, it became not only a steady revenue stream for that book but a new clearinghouse for […]

How to Write Funny Fast! By R.A.Murphy

Writers and Speakers often need to come up with humor quickly to meet a deadline or take advantage of topical material. Here’s how to do a fast funny… To write jokes fast, focus on the essentials. A formula helps. My formula for a joke is: Upset the Setup What you’re shooting for is a surprising […]