Twelve years ago, I needed a change of lifestyle, as my blood pressure was sky high and I felt I was headed for a breakdown. I had worked for twenty five years in law firms and in international banking. Little did I know that I would never return to a regular workplace.

What You Must Know To Make It In Advertising By Michael Meanwell EXCERPT FROM: The Enterprising Writer: How To Earn $111,245 A Year, Writing What You Like, When You Like

Advertising says to people, ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it.’ Leo Burnett (1891-1971) Being a freelance writer allows you to cover a number of disciplines. We’ve just discussed opportunities for writing PR, now let’s look at PR’s rich cousin, advertising. Advertising, PR and direct mail […]

Old Dogs, New Tricks: It Can Work! By Julius Debuschewitz

My love for writing was established early in life. When I was growing up, my parents did not own a TV. Newspapers and radios were relied upon for news, while reading was the main form of entertainment.


I have had some success with getting my book into stores, and I want to share the steps I’ve followed so that you can have the same or even greater success in the promotion of your book. Book stores will buy your self-published books. There seems to be differences in policy from store to store, […]

Freelance Success Story By Karen Johnson Zurheide

As an author of two books for parents and dozens of magazine pieces in over 20 different publications, plus spiritual lessons for adults and greeting card copy, I am here to testify that most of the advice put forth in books and websites for writers–like WritersWeekly.com, for instance–is true and well worth following. Here are two standard recommendations that have helped me to dramatically increase my publishing success rate in periodicals in recent months:

Prospecting for Markets By Larry Tritten

Freelance writers are very much like prospectors, those itinerant gold seekers represented in popular fiction as solitary individuals searching the desert for gold and motivated by an irresistible dream of success. The good news is that the gold is really out there. There are nuggets of various sizes and rich veins of ore waiting to […]

300,000 Copies Sold! By Kim Rose

It used to be that the label “self-published author” was loser-speak for “I couldn’t get published anywhere else.” Nobody likes to be rejected, but in the supply and demand crapshoot market of book publishing, hand selecting the next sure thing is an intuitive gamble that publishers must take. Many self-published authors step out on their […]

How to Get Booked on Oprah By Susan Harrow Media Coach & Marketing Expert

Most authors believe that getting on Oprah will make them a Millionaire and their book a bestseller. For your book and career to take-off like the last space shuttle, you must prepare to make the most of your appearance. Here are some hot tips to help you get invited as a guest on the show, […]