The 5-A-Day Query Plan By Christina Spence-Maharajh

Maybe I’m paranoid, or maybe it’s good old common sense. Regardless of the reasoning, the other day I decided it was time to start taking a daily multi-vitamin. The one thing I noticed was that each box stressed the importance of taking one of these pills each and every day. Maybe the manufacturer just wanted […]

I Had An Oprah Moment by C.S. Paquin

I recently had an Oprah moment. After my fair share of reporting on county-board ditch discussions, interviewing CEOs and staying up all night because I had an article deadline and I’d left it till the last minute AGAIN, I realized I don’t LIKE reporting, or interviewing, or querying markets with half-hearted ideas. At age 33, my nasty habit of letting life get in the way of self-discipline was always going to be a bad habit, unless I wrote what I felt passionate about — unless I found my niche.

To Market, To Market… by Kimberly Ripley

This article may be freely reprinted/redistributed as long as the entire article and bio are included. As writers, much of our day is spent marketing and promoting our work. Every day? Some people are astonished when I answer that with a resounding, “Yes!” I spend a good part of each workday performing some sort of […]


For freelance writers the antique and collectibles segment of the publishing industry represents an opportunity to build sales and develop lasting relationships with publications. You do not have to be either an expert in antiques or an avid collector in order to break into these markets. Publications in this field are looking for freelancers as […]