Marketing Electronic and POD Books – What Works, What Doesn’t By Cathi Stevenson

A few weeks ago I was in a heated email discussion about promo items and the best way to use them to promote ebooks and print-on-demand books. The items of choice seemed to be pens, bookmarkers, t-shirts, mouse pads and fridge magnets with calendars — the list was endless. Unless you simply want some “home […]

Freelance Success Story By Eva Marie

“Everyone wants to write fiction,” author and speaker Ace Collins said to me during a phone conversation. “How is it that you get to so quickly in your writing career?”

The Six Secrets of Publishing Success by Bob Baker

When it comes to having a successful writing career, being in the right place at the right time has little to do with luck. It’s more about positioning yourself to be recognized when opportunity comes knocking. At least that’s how I explain the steps that led to two of my books getting published. In the […]

Freelance Success Story By Linda Oatman High

“When a man can observe himself suffering and is able, later, to describe what he’s gone through, it means he was born for literature.” A writer named Edouard Bourdet said that in 1927. Many years later, those words still speak to this writer’s soul.

Grants, Fellowships, & Residencies: What Do They Mean to You? By Megan Potter

I read an ad today that I thought was offering me money to spend time alone writing. I was sure I must have read it wrong, but I checked, and it’s true, you really can apply to get paid to spend time writing. They don’t even ask you to give the money back when you […]