Whispers and Warnings For 09/02/2015

Whispers and Warnings For 09/02/2015
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Just because you publish overseas doesn’t mean you can’t get sued!
Leonardo Dicaprio is suing a second French magazine
“Just weeks after successfully suing bosses at Oops! magazine for falsely alleging the R&B diva was expecting his child, the movie star is now going after the publisher of Crazy!, for reporting he and Rihanna will be “living together” in a front page article.”

Journalists working on U.S. soil are blessed!
Egyptian Court Returns Al Jazeera Reporters to Prison
“If any journalist or cameraman is accused of a crime because they are doing their jobs, it impacts press freedom,” he said. “It seems like everyone is going to jail these days.”

After five years of negotiations, of course they got sued
SoundCloud is being sued for allegedly not paying musicians royalties
A major British rights organisation is suing music streaming service SoundCloud over its alleged failure to pay royalties to musicians.