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When Using A POD Publisher, Can I Use My Own Publishing Company Name In My Book?

Can I use my publishing company name if I go through BookLocker or another print on demand firm?

Many POD publishers (but NOT BookLocker!) not only force authors to put their firm’s name and logo in their authors’ books, but also on their back covers. If you are using a POD publisher that does this, readers may recognize the logo, and then know you paid to have your book published. Worse, some POD publishers actually advertise their publishing services in their authors’ books!

At, we NEVER force authors to use our name in or on their books. Authors are free to use their own company name instead.

However, since we have the account with Ingram (the largest book distributor), whereby they send an automated feed to the online and physical bookstores, our name will appear in the database information in the bookstore feeds, and in Ingram’s system. However, most readers are more interested in reading the book’s description and excerpt than they are in the listing’s fine print (publisher’s name, book size, etc.).

Again, BookLocker authors are NOT required to use our name anywhere in/on their books and we NEVER, EVER insert ads for our services in our authors’ books. Firms that charge authors a fee, and then also force those authors to advertise the publisher’s POD services in their books, are, in my opinion, despicable.

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