Don’t Invite a Lawsuit with Your Memoir

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Hi Angela:

I hope that you’re doing well. I read and printed the article about self therapy and I’m interested in writing personal experience stories. However, do I need to worry about lawsuits? I would like to focus on writing pieces about my relationship with my mother–with whom I’m estranged–and how my relationship with her has affected me as a woman.

I would also like to write how I found healing in my adult years. I would like to discuss some of the emotional issues that I’ve dealt with, and offer hope as a take away for my readers. How can I broach this subject without worrying about my mother’s side suing me (I don’t think they would–but you never know and I would like to be safe rather than sorry). Thank you for considering my question.

Please read this, which is related to your situation –

Don’t Invite a Lawsuit with Your Memoir