Can I Publish My 24-Hour Short Story Entry After the Contest? Yep!!

Can I Publish My 24-Hour Short Story Entry After the Contest? Yep!!
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Dear Angela,

I was a past participant in one of the 24 hour contests and I have a question regarding that.

I used the exact prompt for the story as written by WritersWeekly.

Now, I want to include that story in a book I plan to publish. My question is, can I use that story as written, or would I need to strike the beginning and change it?*


Yes, you absolutely may. We don’t take rights from writers and several participants have used their stories and/or our topics in other stories and books. One author wrote an entire book around her short story and we were thrilled when that happened.

NOTE: The WritersWeekly Spring 2011 24-Hour Short Story Contest is only held four times per year and the next contest is THIS SATURDAY! Contests usually fill up before the contest date and the current contest is already 82% full! If you want to participate, sign up today! 🙂

The link is here:


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