PERSONAL NOTE FROM ANGELA: I was hospitalized this week. I will provide more details next week but I wanted to let you know why our regular issue of WritersWeekly won't be going out this week. Everybody was doing my job while I was in there. I am home now, and doing MUCH better. And, since I'm in bed with pretty bad anemia, I'm looking forward to relaxing and reading entries for the short story contest this weekend! Please participate! You'll LOVE it!!!

Sign up today! It's TONS of FUN!!! :)

Howdy everybody, and HAPPY SUMMER!!! It is HOT on the mountain right now! But our garden vegetables continue to grow to massive proportions!!! 😄

What better way to entertain yourself this coming weekend than by entertaining US with a fantastic story?! Please do!

As with every Summer contest, you can expect some warm weather, sunshine, a sandy beach, a little bit of romance, or suspense, or action...or maybe none of those things! You'll soon find out! Ha ha ha!! 😉

We'll be sending the contest topic out at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Central Time THIS SATURDAY, 07/15/23.

We'd LOVE to have you join us! Only 500 entrants permitted so don't delay if you want to play!

You can sign up right here:

The Quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contest is now in its 24th YEAR!

To see a list of all past topics, CLICK HERE.

1st Place: $300 + a book publishing package from valued at $975!
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $200

+ 100 other prizes

14 Tips To Give Yourself A Leg Up In Writing Contests!

We're so excited! Reading the short stories for each contest is the absolute FAVORITE part of my job!

Please join in the fun!!

Big hugs to everybody!
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