Inner Hierarchy Publishing

Inner Hierarchy Publishing

Inner Hierarchy Publishing

Phone: +(097)258-577-1888

Editor: Sherrill Layton, Founder
Email address:

About The Publication:

HIRING EDITORS AND TRANSLATORS. “Inner Hierarchy commits to publishing diverse titles that thrill and inspire. Literary fiction and non-fiction manuscript submissions welcome.” Pays half up front and half on delivery of accepted manuscript with two revisions. Publishes ms within a year of acceptance. Rights are negotiable. Accepts reprints. Response time varies depending on relevance.

Pays $30-$75/hour.

Current Needs:

“Hello WritersWeekly Readers! Looking for freelance editors and translators to submit their CV for review. I’m transforming my business into a traditional publishing company, focusing on diversity that thrills and inspires in any literary fiction or nonfiction genre. Open positions: Acquisitions/Copy Editor (familiar with the international literary festival scene); Native English Translators for African, Latino, and Slavic works; Book Designer with mad InDesign (or equivalent software) skills. Let us find those literary gems rejected by the big publishers for no reason, other than they do not fit the cockamamie mold that some phantom decided was the norm. I want to reengineer that norm and surgically dissolve the dangerous parts of our cultural divide, so we can come closer and grow individually yet together. It’s that simple. If you know of or have such a manuscript (I hope eventually to branch into many more languages) please present it for consideration. To reach the next step in this interview process, include “love and language” in the subject of your email. Thank you and I look forward to collaborating with you!” Pays standard EFA rates: $30-$75/hour. “IH focuses on 30-80K-word manuscripts.” Submit CV using online submissions form.

Standard EFA rates: $30-$75/hour for editors.



We don’t want automaton professionals. Be real. Be you. You might think “I don’t have enough experience for this role,” but let us decide whether or not to give you a shot. Unique and passionate about the Inner Hierarchy mission? Apply.”

Welcomes New Writers: Yes

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