The Do-It-Yourselfer's Guide to Self-Syndication by Jill Pertler

The Do-It-Yourselfer's Guide to Self-Syndication

by Jill Pertler

144 pages
The one-stop, go-to manual for self-syndicating your writing.

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About the Book
A practical resource outlining the self-syndication process, step-by-step. Packed with detailed information and useful tips for writers looking to gain readership, name recognition, publication and self-syndication for their column or articles.

Before you take the leap of syndication, explore:
• The whys and why nots of self-syndication.
• The basics of (good) column writing.
• What’s in a name (of your column, that is)?
• Getting a photo (of you!) to accompany your column; formatting it for online and print use.
• Exploring your reasons for syndication – short and long term goals.

After the leap:
• Organizing the myriad of information and computer files that go along with syndication. (Special feature: becoming one with your address book.)
• Your initial approach to newspapers – writing the query step by step.
• What to include along with your query, and what to leave out.
• Building relationships with editors – why returning an email isn’t always the best approach.
• What newspaper editors really want (in their own words).
• What to do when an editor publishes your column without your permission.

Spreading your words further:
• Building name recognition.
• Promoting your column.
• Creating an Internet presence through social networking, online forums and more.
• To blog or not to blog? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.
• What to post – and not to post – on your website.
• The terrors of public speaking and how to embrace them.
• Creative uses for syndication – thinking outside the column.

The business end, nitty gritty details:
• Invoicing and getting paid.
• The facts about copyrights.
• Taking a vacation – is it allowed?
• Dealing with readers, fans and critics.
• Helpful online resources and writing sites.
• Newspaper association websites – listed state by state.

Warning – this book is not for everyone!
If you… are a writer, delight in having people read your words, want to gain name recognition, are working to establish a brand or fan-base, love writing a column, want to cash multiple paychecks for the same article, are looking to build on your freelance writing career or simply have always had an affinity for the name Erma – this book has something in it for you. If not, you might enjoy it anyway.



About the Author
Jill Pertler Jill Pertler has touched people’s hearts and funny bones with her well-loved column, Slices of Life, since 2002. In her quick-witted, conversational style, Pertler shares the step-by-step process she followed (and a few secrets she discovered) when self-syndicating her column, which is published in over 75 newspapers (and counting!).


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