Solfege Town by Adam Cole

Solfege Town

by Adam Cole

70 pages
A new approach to the teaching and singing of Solfege

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Category: Education
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About the Book
Solfege Town is the most exciting method ever created for teaching children of all ages about the musical scale. In an engaging analogy between music and storytelling, children can visit So, the musical bus station, go to school with Mi, and make their way home to Do. Throughout the journey, original and traditional songs reinforce the lessons.

In addition to pictures and music, the author has provided numerous games and activities which can be used all year round with students of practically any age and ability. From anxiety-free hand-signing to a study of the blues, SOLFEGE TOWN will provide paths anywhere your students want to go.



About the Author
Adam Cole has been writing novels since the age of six. As a young adult, he decided he would either have to publish one or go crazy, and so began firming up his first epic, The Myth of Magic. Twenty years later, he is the author of five books of fiction and two non-fiction titles.

Adam is a music educator in Atlanta, Georgia. He teaches the way he writes, encouraging his students to see the hidden sides of things, both in music and in life. He is always striving to illuminate the big picture that holds all of us in place and lets us move slowly forward (and sometimes backwards) as time goes by.

Adam's dream is to continue the stories he has started and to fill the world with plays, symphonies and poems on the side!


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