What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know! by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know!

by Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover)

326 pages
How-to guide on successfully creating information products/services (infopreneuring) and marketing.

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About the Book
Infopreneuring is an empowering way to leverage your unique knowledge—-from a hobby, life experience, or a specific area of expertise-—by creating original content information products and services. And no one does it quite the way that I do, by applying real business world techniques from my prior product management and new product development corporate career.

In this 326-page, information-packed how-to guide on infopreneuring and marketing, I'm sharing with you all the secrets I've learned over a decade of hands-on experience in infopreneuring, and my 20+ years of online and offline marketing experience, so you can become a successful infopreneur and achieve the life you and your loved ones deserve.

Everyone knows something that's worth something to others! I wrote What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know, to help:

**Entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals add an easy, additional income stream.

**Content creators (authors, bloggers, podcasters, speakers, trainers and coaches) maximize their audience and revenue from their work.

**Employees fed-up with today's workplace achieve a greater work-life balance and protect their livelihood.

**Laid off employees struggling to regain the standard of living and financial future they once enjoyed make their own job, or supplement the one they eventually get.

In 38 chapters, you'll learn everything you need to know about infopreneuring and marketing to start making money from what you know right away, such as:

**Why Information Products Are Just Stepping Stones To The Real Money In Infopreneuring (chapter 7)

**The 6 Component Core Infopreneur Business Model (chapter 9)

**Choosing Your Infopreneur Topic (chapter 10)

**Which Infopreneur Topic Do You Greenlight, And If You Create It, Will They Buy It? (chapters 11 and 12)

**How To Create Content Your Audience & Bank Account Will Love (chapter 13)

**Identifying Your Information Product & Service Components (chapters 14 – 19)

**Setting Up Your Information Product & Service Line (chapter 20)

**Marketing In A Web 2.0 World (chapter 32)

**A Dozen Ways Infopreneurs Can Succeed With Marketing Without Needing The Big Bucks (chapter 33)

Here's a sampling of what others are saying about What You Know Is Worth More Than You Know:

"You don't often see the WHOLE story put out in front of you; many attempt to only give you a glimpse of what's possible at the hope of an upsell later. This isn't the case here, and I couldn't be more thrilled accordingly. Melanie's book is extremely powerful, but also very realistic in its approach. It is a winning combo that you want to take a look at."
—Paul Colligan, CEO, Colligan, Inc.

"There's so much value in the things that people know and do. Yet they don't often realize it, even though others will gladly pay for that information and advice. I think that Melanie's passionate and dedicated approach to the field of infopreneuring is very empowering."
—David Mathison, Entrepreneur and Author of "Be The Media"

“A fine guide for those who want to find the treasures of their mind. A top pick for would be entrepreneurs” —The Midwest Book Review


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About the Author
Melanie Jordan (previously SunLover) Melanie Jordan, "The Expert At Making Money From What You Uniquely Know", teaches empowered original content infopreneuring—-"everyone knows something that's worth something to others."

She owns SunLover Publishing LLC, her publishing, media properties and coaching company, and has 10 years+ of infopreneuring experience, and 20+ years in marketing. Melanie is a 6-time author, and hosts a hit podcast.


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