Prompts for Fiction Writers by Katie-Anne Gustafsson

Prompts for Fiction Writers

by Katie-Anne Gustafsson

97 pages
Writing exercises to kick-start your fiction writing.

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About the Book
If you've ever suffered from that unmentionable thing that writers dread - the one where words don't seem to flow between your brain and the keyboard/pen nib - then this book is for you.

Offering a selection of writing exercises especially crafted with the fiction writer in mind Prompts for Fiction Writers gives inspiration in the major areas of writing fiction, such as characterization and setting. There's even a character profile for you to complete to get you thinking about either a protagonist for your novel, or a "practice" character to use in the exercises.

The e-book is set up with one exercise per page with space to write below so you can either print it all out and use it as a book, or just print individual exercises as you need them.

If you're a fiction writer about to start a novel, or a writer just in need of a "just in case" resource, Prompts for Fiction Writers is a great resource to keep close at hand.



About the Author
Owner of the successful writing prompt website Wake Up Writing, Katie-Anne Gustafsson is a British freelance writer living in Sweden with her husband Mikael and their two young boys Jakob and Connor.


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