BAM Advanced Fiction Techniques: First Pages by Cyn Mobley

BAM Advanced Fiction Techniques: First Pages

by Cyn Mobley

48 pages
Advanced fiction techniques for reader identification and suspension of disbelief.

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About the Book
There are three basic ways to hook readers. Do you know what they are?

Do you know the difference between creating reader identification and creating likable characters? One is absolutely critical to the success of your story. The other is simply one way, and not necessarily the best way, of doing the first.

What’s the one principle you need to know to get your readers to suspend disbelief?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, chances are that your first pages -- indeed, your first paragraphs -- are weak and uninteresting. It's not your fault. Most of what you've been taught about your first paragraphs is wrong.

Look, your first readers are experienced editors and agents. They're looking for reasons to say no and toss your manuscript onto the thanks-but-no-thanks pile. If you don't immediately hook these jaded experts, get them to identify with your characters and convinced them to suspend disbelief, you're going nowhere fast.

BAM Advanced Fiction Techniques is a no-nonsense time-tested summary of techniques and templates that work. Especially effective if you've already read BAM: Structure but a completely stand-alone book. It's short. Just the nitty-gritty. No fluff.



About the Author
Cyn Mobley USA Today bestselling author Cyn Mobley has been published by Berkley, St. Martins Press, Avon, Lyons and Alpha Press. Her books are frequently optioned for film. A former lawyer and black belt in karate, Mobley now runs Greyhound Books and Bushido Press. She lives in the South with her Greyhounds and Airedales.


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