How to Reborn a Doll in a Day by Angela Hoy

How to Reborn a Doll in a Day

by Angela Hoy

56 pages
Reborn dolls sell for hundreds, and even upwards of a thousand or more on ebay! Collectors and hobbyists alike can't get enough of them. Create your own lifelike reborn baby in only one day or start crafting reborns for profit!

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About the Book

Reborn dolls sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay! Collectors and hobbyists alike can't get enough of them! You can easily create your very own adorable reborn baby in only one day, or craft a cherished keepsake as a gift for a special child or grandchild!

Reborns are regular baby dolls that have been transformed into lifelike infants that nobody can resist cuddling. They look so real that friends and family will tiptoe toward them, whispering, asking whose baby you're caring for!

Learn how to create your own realistic bundle of joy or how to start crafting reborns for profit.

This heavily illustrated book by Angela Hoy features more than 40 color photographs and step-by-step instructions to help you reborn your new baby in just one day!


I received your book. I just finished reading it and it's wonderful. Thanks so much for the book. I also bought a doll to reborn myself. I will be trying it soon. Thanks again.
- Grace
I found your book to be so helpful and honest and quite funny, at various times to read. You make it sound so, well, sort of a true description of all the things you experienced as you put into practice this art form. Thank you so much for the great instruction and leaving me with the knowledge and belief that I, too, can reborn like yourself.
- Linda S.
By the way, your book is great, I enjoyed reading it. It is not just a stuffy instructional book!
- Jayme
Thank you very much. Received and read the book. Very informative and a great way to get started reborning.
- Penny


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About the Author
Angela Hoy Angela Hoy is the author of eight books and an avid doll collector.


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