Creative 180: Turn Your Writing Around by Beverly Durfee

Creative 180: Turn Your Writing Around

by Beverly Durfee

65 pages
Expand your creativity! Improve dialogue, character, plotting and general writing skills.

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About the Book

Would you like to turn your writing around?

Are you plagued with poor plotting? Dazed by dull dialogue? Are your settings see-through? If so, Creative 180: Turn Your Writing Around is the book for you. It's packed with 180 days - nearly 6 months! - of writing prompts and exercises sure to improve your writing skills.

Some prompts ask you to look into yourself for experiences and feelings that give your writing depth and sincerity. Some challenge your skills at writing dialogue. Others encourage you to explore setting, character, plotting, imagery and more.

Daily writing is crucial to great writing. Creative 180 gives you a simple way to write each day and see improvement as you go. You're encouraged to spend at least ten minutes writing on each prompt, but you may find yourself jumping off into the beginning of something much more. Writing prompts can spin off into short stories or even the start of a novel.

If you're serious about moving your writing to the next level - the level editors and publishers are looking for - then jump into Creative 180. It works!



About the Author
Beverly Durfee Beverly Durfee is a copy editor and freelance writer whose works range from genre fiction to space exploration to politics to pets. As the Guide to the Writers' Exchange, she coached beginning and intermediate writers on the craft of writing fiction and nonfiction. Creative 180 is her first venture into the world of ebook publishing.


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