Fee-Free Writing Contests, Grants, And More! By Erika Dreifus

Excerpted from: FREE EXPRESSION: 101 Fee-Free Contests, Competitions, and Other Opportunities for Resourceful Writers! “What do you all think about contests?” one of my colleagues asked our online writing group. “Do you think you get a better read when you actually pay a reading/entry fee?” No one responded to that query (publicly, at any rate). […]

WritersWeekly Warnings Report – Press-Tige Publishing

Date Filed: 03/06/02 Company: Press-Tige Publishing, presstigebooks.com , Press-Tige Books, Press-Tige Press, Kelly O’Donnell Literary Agency, Inc., O’Donnell Literary Services, Inc., Writers Information US Agency, Kelly O’Donnell, Martha M. Ivery, Martha Ivery, Kelly (or Martha) Reidda, Creek Lane Literary Agency (Sheryl Montanye), Joseph Wilson Associates, New Millennium Publishing (Craig Roussan and Denise Lasseter) If you […]

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