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If you’d like to reach our readers with your marketing message, we will post your message to our social media pages, which include:


Angela Hoy’s Facebook Page: 2300+ friends

Angela Hoy’s Twitter Account: 3100+ followers

Angela Hoy’s LinkedIn Page: 3800+ connections


BookLocker’s Facebook Page: 3700+ followers


WritersWeekly’s Facebook Page: 2500+ followers

WritersWeekly’s readers are a combination of freelance writers, authors, and other creative folks involved in the publishing industry. Your product or service should be of interest specifically to these types of professionals. Non-related ads will be rejected.

There is, invariably, some overlap in subscribers/friends/followers, which means some people will have multiple exposures to your advertisement.

We will post your ad simultaneously on all social media accounts listed above.


$40.00 flat fee for text-only ad

$50.00 flat fee for text + 1 graphic

If you are interested in this service:

  1. First, send your advertisement to Angela RIGHT HERE for approval.
  2. If your ad is accepted, you will need to make your payment using THIS ORDER FORM.


WritersWeekly reserves the right to reject any ad for any reason. WritersWeekly can’t guarantee “clicks” on any particular advertisement, nor specific exposure by social media firms that may filter items or hide updates/posts from specific users. Your ad will be listed as a “sponsored post.”

Word count limits:

Facebook and LinkedIn: 100 words

Twitter: 140 characters