Twitter Dee, Twitter Dum

We recently hired someone to help with book formatting and I’m now able to find a few spare moments in the afternoons to get more involved in social networking. I’ve been spending time on Twitter and, if you’re truly on there to read and not to just promote yourself, it’s pretty addicting…

The Biggest Marketing Mistake New Authors Make!

The Biggest Marketing Mistake New Authors Make!

What if you had a book that provided step-by-step instructions on not only what to do, but when to do it, from Day 1 through Day 90 and beyond? And, what if that book also included a schedule of day-by-day promotional tasks for ongoing sales?

YES, APPLE WANTS YOUR RIGHTS…And So Does (Almost) Everybody Else! By Angela Hoy

It seems to me that Apple wants to corner the market through force, and squeeze more out of everyone, just like Amazon’s been doing for years. How better to increase your income than to claim rights to others’ creations, and force the creators to use your store when selling those creations, all the while further increasing your take?

I Now Like Haggling! By Nadia Ali

Asking editors for a better pay rate has always been something I shy away from. Sometimes I think I do deserve more, but “haggling” isn’t something that I like to do, that is until now…

House Shopping!

When we moved to Florida, we decided to rent until we figured out where in Florida we want to live. We love Port Charlotte but we really have our heart set on the Sarasota/Bradenton area. So, we are now actively house hunting, which is so much fun! We considered renting up there instead of buying, but I really want to have a house that we can truly make our own with renovations and, most importantly, a large garden where we can grow lush, tropical goodies, like mangos and oranges…

On the Other Side of the Desk

As a freelancer I have subscribed to your newsletter for several years. I find myself on the other side of the desk now, since I was offered and accepted the position of Managing Editor for a south Florida-based magazine in December 2011. Now, instead of begging for assignments and timely payment, I am in the uncomfortable position of refusing assignments and asking writers to take less than what the former editor paid. After just four weeks on the job, however, I see the role of editors in a completely different light. And as a former freelancer, I am able to handle uncomfortable situations with a softer touch than what was sometimes afforded to me.
Thanks for all the free information you provided while I was a freelancer. I will continue to read your weekly newsletter in the hopes that it will make me the best editor (staffer) I can be.
Sincere regards,
Liz Pasch
Managing Editor
Southern Boating Magazine
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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