Pumpkin Harvest!

Awhile back, I was posting weekly pictures of our pumpkins, Monster, Half-Pint, Tiny and Punk. Last Sunday, with tears, Max harvested three of his four pumpkins. Surprisingly, Punk (the orange wart pumpkin) is still on a live vine. The three white pumpkins were on dried vines, and starting to attract slugs.
The four pumpkins are the biggest we’ve ever grown and they are now being proudly displayed by Max in our living room. He does NOT want to carve them, however. He wants to go to a local farm and buy pumpkins for carving. He can’t bear to cut into his babies. Isn’t that sweet? 🙂
Here’s Max with three of his babies. Below that is a picture of Punk.

This week’s Maxism:
“That pumpkin is growing fast! And, I’m growing fast, too!!”
Hugs to all!

Topic, Common Themes, and Winners of the WritersWeekly.com Fall 2010 24-Hour Short Story Contest!

For the past six weeks, we’ve spent every spare moment judging the hundreds of entries submitted for the Fall 2010 24-Hour Short Story Contest. In case you’re not familiar with our quarterly contest, this is how it works. On the date of the contest, at start-time, we send out the topic for that specific contest to all registered entrants. We also post it online. Entrants then have 24 hours to write and submit their stories. The stories “must deal with the topic in some way to qualify” and they must not exceed the pre-assigned word count.
After reading the entries for each contest, we can see how difficult it is to come up with a unique plot when working with an assigned topic. But, inevitably, a few writers do manage to successfully break away from the pack.
So, sit back, relax, and take a break from your busy day to indulge in the sights and smells of a brisk Fall evening…


How much should I charge as a reprint rate? I received $175.00 from the original zine for each published article, so is a reprint rate a certain percentage of what I had received originally?

GETTING TO THE “NO” By Sarah Vance

During a recent interview for a copywriting job with a retail fashion website I learned a valuable lesson about rejection…

Whispers And Warnings For October 27th

NOTICE: Fuat Kircaali and Sys-Con Publications, Inc. have been sued for alleged copyright infringement.
UPDATE: Kim Kleeman / Shakespeare Squared / ShakespeareSquared.com / The Shakespeare Squared Foundation. – Writer “KK” reports receiving payment.
33rd COMPLAINT about Kim Kleeman / Shakespeare Squared / ShakespeareSquared.com / The Shakespeare Squared Foundation – Writer alleges she’s owed $555.

Halloween Count Down!

Max and Mason are giddy with excitement, counting down the days until Halloween. Max has his own horror dolls and other creepy characters displayed on his desk. Mason (age 4) gives the desk a wide berth when he passes by…

Does Facebook Trump Ezines for Book Promotion? No!

I’ve received dozens of queries from writers on using social networking to promote books and we’ve run articles on this topic before. What we haven’t touched on is NOT having Facebook, or another social networking site, be your sole online presence…

Query Letters That Worked!

Hi Angela:
I just wanted to compliment you on your book, and thank you for compiling very helpful letters from great and generous writers. I was stuck on a query letter that I was preparing for a science/nature magazine. I read some of the query examples, and was able to write a good letter that I felt confident to send out. Twelve years ago, I took a bold step. I contacted an editor and pitched a story idea. He liked the idea and told me to write it. He published it without changing a word. That was my first article and I was self-taught. I read a great book about writing feature articles and just tried it. After that I approached a neighborhood newspaper in Chicago and wrote several features for them. I am getting back in the writing groove and now, with the Internet and all the info., I feel a bit overwhelmed. But, your book really is encouraging because it’s about going for it and being bold. I am glad that this attitude and approach hasn’t changed over the years because that’s what I’m going for. I am currently unemployed, but have the desire to write full time and make money. That’s my dream. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource. Rejection doesn’t scare me. Not taking a bold step and trying scares me more!
Thanks again.
Rosemarie P.

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