Can I Decline My First Offer For A Better One?

I sent out a simultaneous submission and got an offer from one publication almost instantly. I agreed to their terms and agreed to write the article. The very next day, a higher paying publication said they wanted to buy it. Can I now decline the first one so I can get more money from the second publication?

Humdinger of a Snowstorm

We had a humdinger of a snowstorm last Wednesday night! We were still trying to find the car in the drifts (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration) when we heard about the “Blizzard of 2005” that was heading our way. However, that little weekend blizzard wasn’t anywhere near the intensity of the Nor’Easter last week (for us, anyway).

Grow Your Writing: Eight Gardening Markets By Kelly Kyrik

For most gardeners, winter is the time to pore over seed catalogs and plot (figuratively, at least) next year’s garden. It’s a time to both assess the past and plan for the future.
Writing gardeners can do the same. Since it’s too cold in many parts of the country to be outside playing in the dirt, now is the perfect time to dig up new writer’s guidelines and craft succulent queries. And assignments landed now will lead to articles published during the all important sowing, growing and harvesting seasons, when any gardener worth his or her salt would rather be outside, anyway.

Combining Writing with Other Talents By Claudia Carver

Since writers don’t often get overpaid for their labor, most of us have to develop frugal shopping skills to survive. Did you ever think you might morph these talents into a regular gig with your local newspaper? I didn’t – until persistence combined with luck to provide me with this little weekly bonus.

Whispers and Warnings For January 26th

This Week:

Cows And Sheep And Goats And…

We joined the local homeschooling 4H club last week and were pleasantly surprised to learn that not everybody in 4H is required to grow and auction off livestock! All humor aside, 4H is a great group and we made lots of new friends. The children loved it and can’t wait to get started on some projects to enter in the state fair this summer.

Getting Suspicious Book Returns?

Beware of Companies that Guarantee to Get Your Book on Bookstore Shelves
by Angela Hoy

We’ve seen lots of marketing ploys and blatant sp*m from so-called PR and book marketing firms that say they guarantee to get your book on bookstore shelves. Authors should be very, very wary of these claims. In most cases, the author will pay much more to the “PR” or “marketing” firm than they’ll ever get back in book sales. And, they just might end up with a pile of returns from the bookstores…

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