SOULEIADO–A Success Story By Tammy Banks

Sometimes a story just knocks on the door and invites itself in. That’s the way it was with my time-travel novel, Souleiado. It wasn’t the first novel I’d ever written: that distinction went to Houdini, a young-adult novel about a stray cat who makes good and whom late writer and activist Cleveland Amory was kind enough to call ” a sweet, loyal soul. And a brave one, to boot” when he read it. No, Souleiado was the novel that demanded to be written — the one that was born out of the grief and loneliness that followed my husband Tim’s death in a car accident.

What’s In A Name? by Madonna Dries Christensen

A recognizable trademark is one of a company’s most valuable assets. We may not always know the name of the company behind a product, but we’re familiar with Alpo dog food, Campbell’s soup, Chiquita bananas, Smucker’s jam, and thousands of others. Several generations of children have grown up singing the Oscar Mayer weiner jingle. Writers […]

When One Thing Leads to Another By Karen Y. Hogg

My first novel recently hit the bookstore shelves. Marie, The Lobster Queen is really not my book, but a book ghostwritten by me for a client who wanted to write her memoirs. She did, however, give me a Ghostwritten by on the inside pages.

The Holidays = Article Ideas in Abundance! By Angela Hoy

As we all deck the halls, light the Menorah or Kinara, or simply stare in awe at snowflakes prancing through the air, it’s the perfect time to start keeping a list of memorable holiday moments that will make great articles in print next year. Pull out a small notebook and keep a journal of each holiday happening. Just a few moments of reflection and note-taking at bedtime will provide you with plenty of material! Then, in January, review what you’ve written and start composing queries.