Well, after a few weeks of delay, I’m finally able to bring you the last in my series of articles about online PR. If you forgot parts one through three, you and refresh your memory by going here: ONLINE PR – THEORY AND PRACTICE, PART ONE – 07/25/01 ONLINE PR – THEORY AND PRACTICE, PART […]

Guilt-Free Freelancing by Dawn Stanton

I’ve always felt guilty that I never seemed able to hold a “regular” job. My husband has worked as a technical writer in the same company for six years. He likes it. During those six years, I’ve worked as an Editorial Assistant, Office Manager, Marketing Associate, and ESL Teacher, not to mention lots of forgettable temp jobs. Even in the most interesting jobs, including one where I worked onsite at a conference in Paris, France, I got bored, or else I recognized limited opportunity for advancement. (When you work in a three-person company and the other two people are the President and Principal Consultant, you know your options are limited.)

In the Right Place at the Right Time by Bob Baker

I’ve been fortunate. I’ve had two books published by different publishers and never once had to write a book proposal or hunt down an agent for representation. In fact, each publisher approached me. Some people might say I’m lucky or was in the right place at the right time. Perhaps. But I believe these opportunities […]

I Lost My Head By Megan Potter

No, no there’s my head. Never mind, I found it. I was wrong, I didn’t lose my head, but I have pretty much lost everything else that has ever crossed my path…keys, glasses (I don’t even wear them), mittens, and yes, paperwork. I happen to know that I am not alone in the writing world. […]


Last week we dove into the world of linking campaigns. If you recall, I wrote there were two kinds – a registration campaign and a link request campaign. A registration campaign, as I wrote in last week’s article, is when you register your Web site with all the search engines and directories out there on […]

Online PR – Theory and Practice, Part Two by Richard Hoy

Last week I talked about the two principles that comprise my general philosophy of online PR, which are: 1.) Be a good friend by being a good source of information, and 2.) The Internet has its own system of influencers with as much, if not more, impact than traditional media and they are easy to […]