Whispers and Warnings For August 19th

Whispers and Warnings For August 19th
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Felony Infringement of a Copyright Leads to Jail Time
Dallas Attorney Sentenced For Fraud And Copyright Infringement
“Some of the fraudulent e-mails Siegel created contained copyrighted writings and the logo of The Northern Trust Company.”

I Wonder if They Bothered to Copyright the Song?
Mister Softee is Suing a Rival Ice Cream Truck for Stealing Its Jingle
“I scream, you scream, we all scream for copyright infringement.”

The Most Interesting Headline I Read Today!
Lady Gaga threatens to sue breast milk ice cream company over ‘Baby Gaga’ flavor
“Lady Gaga wants fans to know that she does not endorse a breast milk ice cream called “Baby Gaga” created by The Licktators.”