Whispers and Warnings For 12/17/2015

Whispers and Warnings For 12/17/2015
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Interesting story on foreign rights
Publisher to drop lawsuit against J.D. Salinger’s kin after bid to sell short stories overseas
“A publisher that sued J.D. Salinger’s widow and son, saying they interfered with efforts to sell three stories written by ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ author, said Friday that it wants to drop the lawsuit.”

Magazine offers political bounty
Hustler Has A $1 Million Offer Out On Ben Carson’s Adviser For Proof Of Man-On-Man Harassment
“In 1998, Armstrong Williams was accused of sexually harassing his personal trainer…” (Mature content!)

One person posted a Twitter user’s baby’s picture, claiming she was a grandchild who died
Libel cases involving Twitter posts on rise in Japan
“Japan has seen dozens of libel cases involving Twitter posts in the past two years, with some users taking over othersí accounts and posting content that tarnishes the reputations of the real users.”

Obituary: Alabama lawyer’s loss led to pivotal change in US defamation laws
“Fifty-five years ago, Alabama lawyer Merton Roland Nachman won a libel case against The New York Times but the victory was short-lived – the law was changed by the US Supreme Court, establishing greater leeway for newspapers and individuals to criticise government officials and other public figures…”