Whispers and Warnings For 10/15/2015

Whispers and Warnings For 10/15/2015
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I bet she knows who the defendant is…
Oakland County woman files defamation lawsuit over online posts alleging adultery, drug and alcohol use
“The plaintiff, listed as Jane Doe, has filed the lawsuit in Oakland County Circuit Court against an unknown Joan Doe who is believed to live in Metro Detroit. She seeks an amount in excess of $25,000, as well as costs and fees and an injunction preventing the defendant from making similar statements about her. The posts, which accuse the plaintiff of being a lying adulterer with an alcohol and drug habit, are false and defamatory, the lawsuit states.”

Does a town have the power to say if a website is news-based or not?
Website creates challenge for local law enforcement with flood of records requests
“The site includes salacious stories about arrests, alleged sex offenders and prostitutes, and complaints against law enforcement in central Illinois obtained through information requests to police and tips from readers.”

Ebooks are so inexpensive that a subscription model wasn’t like to be profitable anyway.
After Oyster, What’s Next for E-book Subscriptions?
“After one of the industry’s most buzzed-about upstarts announced this week that it is shutting down, questions have mounted about the viability of e-book subscription services. Oyster – billed as the Netflix of books – confirmed last week that it will cease operations sometime in 2016.”