Whispers and Warnings For 01/21/2016

Whispers and Warnings For 01/21/2016
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Get ideas for your book(s) and article(s) by researching obscure court cases!
Is My Legal Case Public Record?
“Not everyone whose case we write about is famous (yet), and we often get angry calls, emails, or tweets, when someone sees their name or legal case on our websites. Here’s the thing though: almost all civil and criminal legal filings are public records, and the First Amendment protects publishing them…”
You can’t play copyrighted music without a license!
Music companies sue Grand Isle bar, alleging copyright infringement
“Several music companies are suing a Grand Isle sports bar, alleging copyright infringement through the use of eight popular songs.”

If you’re a journalist working in the U.S., count your blessings!
Detained Turkish reporters defiant over espionage claim
“We were kept in total isolation for 40 days. We were all alone in our prison cells. This punishment is the same a murderer of five people gets,” writes Can Dundar, a prominent Turkish journalist currently behind bars in Istanbul.

Slander is serious in Saudi Arabia!
Man jailed for slandering ex-wife
“The Court of Appeals upheld a verdict issued by a lower court sentencing a man to six months’ imprisonment, 75 lashes and publishing his apology in two newspapers for defaming his ex-wife.”