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Another Day, Another Singer Accused Of Copyright Infringement

Another Day, Another Singer Accused Of Copyright Infringement

As Ed Sheeran is sued for copyright infringement, here are ten other artists sued for ‘stealing’ hits
The singer is being sued by songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, who wrote Matt Cardle’s song “Amazing.”

Yelp didn’t want to remove reviews even after the damaged party won a $500K judgment?!
Court of Appeal Upholds Order Compelling Removal of Yelp Web Reviews
A superior court judge did not exceed his authority by ordering the removal of defamatory reviews posted on, the First District Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

Zillow also settled lawsuits with employees regarding abuse and harassment claims
Zillow to pay $130 million over trade secrets
The 2-year-old legal dispute stemmed from accusations that two former executives stole trade secrets and shared them with their new employer after defecting to Zillow.

This case could have huge implications for websites that allow user interaction!
Model’s horrific rape case may limit crucial online free speech law
Networking website owners may be liable for not warning users of predators.


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