Whispers and Warnings – 01/25/2017

Whispers and Warnings – 01/25/2017
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TATE PUBLISHING shutting down – BOOKLOCKER offers refuge to their authors.

BookLocker Has a Fantastic Offer for Victims of Defunct Tate Publishing
It came as no surprise to industry insiders last week when Tate Publishing announced they’ve “suspended operations.” Honestly, with the way they’ve done business, I’m surprised they lasted this long.

San Francisco Author Arrested for Child Pornography
A San Francisco comic book author was arrested after he allegedly uploaded graphic child pornography to YouTube, authorities said. The SFPD says in September they were alerted to a video that involved a prepubescent child performing sexual acts on an adult that was uploaded to YouTube.

True crime author comes out of retirement to chase down cold murder case.
Denton True Crime Author Gives Up Retirement After Suspect Is Arrested in 29-Year-Old Murder
Springer says she thought Green, who was in his early 30s, was going to be a monster when he walked into the visitation room, shackled and chained.

Free speech suppressed so actors can lie about their age.
Legislature curbs free speech for ‘worthy’ goal — then come the lawsuits
“The government tries to restrict speech in order to serve whatever it sees as important goals,”


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