Getting Paid To Read – 10 Paying Book Review Markets By Niki Taylor

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Writing book reviews and getting paid for them are blessings for the writer who loves to read (and what writer doesn’t?). I got into book reviewing by writing reviews for websites. When the sites stopped paying, I turned my attention to print magazines that do pay. Writers can find the paying book review market by carefully looking at guidelines to ascertain if the publication pays for reviews. Some publications pay for articles but not reviews. Here’s a list of ten book review markets that do pay.

1. Astronomy
Pays: $200 for a 400-word review
Astronomy magazine is a monthly, consumer-level science and hobby publication for “armchair” and amateur astronomers.
Editorial Needs: “We generally ask scientists or amateur astronomers to write the reviews, although we sometimes use science writers.”
Guidelines online HERE.

2. Na’amat Woman Magazine
Pays: $75 for approx. 750 words
NA’AMAT, Hebrew acronym for ‘Movement of Working Women and Volunteers,’ is
an organization and a movement striving to enhance the quality of life for women, children and families in Israel, the U.S. and around the world.
Editorial Needs: “We review fiction and non-fiction books with Jewish content.”

3. The Chattahoochee Review
Pays: $50.00 for reviews; $100 for essays
The Chattahoochee Review is a literary quarterly which publishes fiction, poetry, nonfiction, interviews, reviews, photographs, and graphic arts.
Editorial Needs: “We are always in search of new reviewers. Please query us about the possibility of a particular review or review-essay.”
Guidelines online HERE.

4. ABQarts Magazine of the Arts
Pays: Flat fee of $30 – $50 for 350 – 750 words
ABQarts is a monthly magazine of performing, fine and literary arts.
Editorial Needs: “Articles about art and art events in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area only. Books reviewed should be about New Mexico or written by a resident of New Mexico.”
Guidelines by email to: steffanie(at)

5. Good Old Boat
Pays: $50 for book reviews of 375-450 words
Good Old Boat is about cruising sailboats 10 years old and older with galleys, bunks, and heads.
Editorial Needs: “Articles, reviews, photos.”
Guidelines online HERE.

6. Dovetail
Pays: $15 for a 500-word book review
Dovetail is a journal by and for Jewish/Christian Families
Editorial Needs: Articles, reviews
Guidelines online HERE.

7. Home Cooking
Pays: $25 for a full review and $10 for a mini review of 50 words or less.
Home Cooking offers recipes and ideas for people who love to cook.
Editorial Needs: “Features and recipes. Send a letter of introduction. All book reviews are assigned.”
Guidelines online HERE.

8. The Writer
Pays: $50 for book reviews
The Writer, founded in 1887, is a monthly magazine about writing for writers.
Editorial Needs: “WriteStuff Department- Previews and reviews of books, videos, software and other products of interest to writers.”
Guidelines online HERE.

9. Faith Today
Pays: $50 (CDN) for book reviews
Faith Today is a bi-monthly national magazine that informs, equips and inspires Christians across Canada.
Editorial Needs: “We generally assign book reviews, the vast majority of them relating to books written by a Canadian author. I’d welcome an unsolicited review IF it is about a book explicitly and primarily aimed at a Canadian audience AND of interest to Christians.”
Guidelines online HERE.

10. The Women’s Review of Books
Pays: $0.14/word
Publish reviews of new books by and about women, in all fields, including non-fiction, fiction and poetry
Editorial Needs: Reviews.
Guidelines online HERE.
(Click on Editorial Policies & FAQ)

Niki Taylor is a writer/book reviewer from North Carolina. She teaches about writing book reviews online at She also has a website at

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