Quick Brown Fox

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Quick Brown Fox
2 Park Avenue
New York City NY 10016


Email address: Inquiries-at-qbfoxco.com

About The Publication:

Publishes 20 books per year. “A new company creating original mystery and crime content for publication in books and other media.” Welcomes new writers. Pays advance. Responds within four weeks. Guidelines available by email. Pays advance and royalties.

Current Needs:

“Fusion Entertainment is a creator of original mystery and crime content, primarily in book form. We are looking for talented writers who are interested in writing to our specifications. These writers will receive a ‘bible,’ outline or other ‘concept piece’ that will lay out the settings; characters and sample plot kernels so that manuscripts can be written within our guidelines. This is the equivalent of writing for an existing series where characters and setting have been established and writers are fulfilling story ideas and turning them into finished manuscripts. We are a legitimate publisher and we will pay fees to writers who we work with; the possibility for multiple writing contracts for the proficient writer is a possibility. These will be ‘work for hire’ agreements and will pay flat fees. We are interested in seeing a note from writers interested in working with us; this note should include any works published and/or a sample of mystery or crime writing.”

Pays advance and royalties.



Welcomes New Writers: Yes